Wednesday, March 3, 2010

BARN FULL OF GOODIES - Tinkermans Barn

Tinkermans Barn Started in 1994. We were having a Garage Sale and advertised in all the local newspapers (which cost us a small fortune in itself). Lo and behold, it began to rain AND wouldn't stop. Short of building an ark we decided to clean out one of our old horse barns and set it up so if it rained again we could still have Sale.

The next weekend we opened with the horse stalls all set up. One Stall we named 'Kitchen stuff' and guess what, it had Kitchen stuff, another had Records and tapes so we named it 'play it again stuff'... A third was for glassware (Whoops, 'Glass room!!!') If you break it, make a space and we applaud you!!!....thus it goes on and on.

On the Saturday morning of our first official 'barn' sale, an Antique Appraiser, Edward Cornwell, came to the Sale and introduced himself, he loved the the barn we became fast friends...We coined the phrase 'Items of Experience' and he stated, 'Nothing needs to be broken in!' and prodded us to name it as if it were a business. Since our wares are various, we thought of the Tinker man who went from farm to farm with his covered wagon ( yes we sold one of those once too) full of pots and pans and tools etc. and since we never know what we are going to find to offer at the cheapest prices around, that's how it came to be the Tinkerman's Barn....Ed started to advertise our TINKERMAN'S Barn on his Radio show and we were even guests on his Sunday venue. Thus that was the beginning of the business.

It is now 2010 and Tinkerman's Barn is still going strong. We are not able to be open during the winter due to it being so cold in the barn (20 degrees colder than outside, if you can believe that!!!) . BUT we are happy to say it is only 16 more days till spring at this first writing and we are chomping at the bit to open. We have been building up an inventory this winter, and storing things we have collected from auctions and estates .

We have started this blog to keep all informed on what is new and exciting in the barn .

WE are located at 2108 RTE 64, in beautiful Bloomfield NY 14469. We are open as soon as the weather hits 55 degrees Fri-Sunday 9-4. Winter hours are by appointment only and only if we can unfreeze the doors . LOL.

Barn is Approx 4200 Square feet, Two floors. You can always find an assortment of Tools, Architectuals , Cast iron, Kitchen ware, Records and tapes( 4 stalls Full of 33, 45's and 78 rpm). Furniture , Photography Items , cameras , Glassware, 1000's of books and magazines. Toys for the children , Posters, VHS TAPES, Sewing room, vintage clothing , A huge Christmas room full of lights and bulbs and Christmas items, bar ware, glasses, mugs, lotto items, Gas cans , trunks, OLD PAY PHONES , Hoosiers, tables, chairs, grain bins, and much much more....... Will be updating price list and posting . Prices are all cheap like books are 25 cents paperbacks 50 cents hardcovers, records are 3 for 1.00. Sheet music is 3 for 1.00 also.

Will continue to keep you updated and hopefully tomorrow will make a list of the new and exciting things we have been collecting over the winter months.